Grapplers Guide Adding More Instructionals Suited For BJJ Practitioners In Isolation

Grapplers Guide has long been a great source of jiu-jitsu instructional content. The company has particularly stepped up during the coronavirus pandemic — not only did they slash lifetime membership prices over 67 percent, but they’re also giving 40 percent of their profits earned through April 23 to gyms that have been affected by the virus-related shutdowns.

Now, owner Jason Scully has revealed that the company is releasing a whole bunch of new content specifically designed for grapplers who are in isolation and lack a live-in teammate to train with. The additional content featured includes:

– Conditioning workout videos with minimal equipment
– Solo drill workout videos
– Grappling dummy videos
– Heavy bag grappling drill videos

Grapplers Guide has also added yoga routine videos by popular jiu-jitsu photographer Shawna Rodgers. Rodgers, a BJJ purple belt and E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), has been sharing free beginner-friendly, accessible yoga and meditation videos through her Waffles at Midnight group on Facebook, and now, she’s bringing her content to Grapplers Guide as well.

Grapplers Guide has released one of Rodgers’ videos for free, and if you want a great way to warm up before a social-distancing-friendly jiu-jitsu session or simply hope to stay limber and pain-free during your time away from the gym, take just twelve minutes of your day to do this flow:


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