Lucas Leite – Half Guard Master

Lucas Leite, also known as “LUCAS LEITE – Half Guard Master “, is a well known Brazilian jitsu competitor who is extremely famous for his half-guard skills. He competes for the Checkmate BJJ Academy. Since he began his career in jitsu, he has been received a black belt, which was graded to him by Leonardo Vieira. Additionally, he has had a constant presence in the jitsu world and involvement in this type of martial arts has  several submission grappling podiums around the world competing sometimes as a heavyweight. Also, two weight categories above his natural weight. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that Lucas Leite moved from Brazil to the United States where he formed one of the strongest Checkmate academy camps in the USA. As shown in the video, Lucas Leite is a very talented BJJ Competitor that has proven his talent time and time again by winning countless of competitions. However, he has also proven his talent by becoming an instructor to those who want to learn more about this form of martial arts.



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