CABMMA Found Out A List Of Frauds In Medical Exams By MMA Fighters

There has been a recent investigation into suspicious activities with medical exams of certain fighters. CABMMA chairman Rafael Favetti broke the news to

The fraudulent exams were for an undisclosed number of fighters out of one mixed martial arts gym. Chairman Rafael Favetti reported that it is possible that there is a criminal gang at work, tampering with the results of the medical exams.

“The commission has been doing a secret investigation against frauds in medical exams provided by athletes in several gyms,” Favetti told “We got to a point where we’re possibly dealing with a criminal gang, a gang that has as its motto to fraud medical exams for MMA athletes.

Though Favetti is not able to report who is involved in this case at this time, he states that the labs and hospitals at which they were conducted are claiming that they had no knowledge of what was happening. Also, he has said that no UFC fighters are a part of this matter.

The medical staff became suspicious that many of the results matched up to those of athletes who previously had the exams. It was determined that several of the ones that raised an alarm, were fighters at the same gym and coach.

These fighters have been suspended, though they are going to have a chance to defend themselves. There is a strong likelihood that they will be found guilty and disaffiliated.


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