Luke Rockhold Says Anderson Silva Isn’t On His Level . . . And Never Was

For many (including UFC president Dana White), former Middleweight Champion and 3rd degree BJJ black belt, Anderson Silva was the GOAT.  For some, he still is.

Silva defended his title eight times in a row and made many of his opponents look like a five-year-old kid trying to beat up his dad.

Anyone remember his “fight” against Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153?

But according to current Middleweight kingpin Luke Rockhold, Silva never was on his level.

At least that is what he said during an interview with UFC Tonight.

“Bisping stays true to who he is. He always fights to the best of his ability. Bisping was dominating. This is a completely different fight. Anderson Silva isn’t on my level. He never was. Bisping doesn’t know the jump I’ve made. I’ve learned more. I’ve gained more. He’s the same man. Weidman doesn’t have a chance and [Bisping] doesn’t have a chance. None of these guys have a chance. I’m going to find my mark. Hopefully Bisping can keep running his mouth and get people excited and keep putting money in my pocket.”

What do you think, Jiu-Jitsu Times readers? Is Luke talking out his backside, looking to get attention, or does he make a point?

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