Mackenzie Dern: ‘That’s My Main Goal, To Be UFC Champion’

Mackenzie Dern — BJJ World Champion and undefeated MMA fighter — has not given up on her dreams of being in the UFC.

No, she certainly won’t make it by the end of the year, as she originally said she would, but she has not lost sight of her main goal — becoming a champion in the world’s biggest mixed martial arts promotion.

“For sure, I want to go to the UFC,” Dern told MMA Fighting. “Like I said: this for me, this fight [against Kaline Medeiros at Invicta 26 on December 8] was more than just to show that I can handle someone at the next level, but for the weight cut [Dern previously had trouble making strawweight]. I think if I had better success on the weight cut earlier, and learned what was best for me earlier, maybe I could have been in the UFC earlier. Maybe if I didn’t have knee surgery and I could fight…so of course I have the goal to fight in the UFC. That’s my main goal, to be the UFC champion, but everything happens for a reason.”

Dern is planning on a return to MMA in March. She did not say which promotion she would fight for, but said maybe it would be the UFC.

Is Mackenzie Dern ready for the UFC? She’s certainly doing well in other promotions.

Check out Mackenzie Dern’s entire interview with MMA Fighting below:


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