Mackenzie Dern

  • Full Name: Mackenzie Dern
  • Birthday: March 24, 1993
  • Affiliation: Team Megaton Jiu-Jitsu

When you think of young women today, you may have an impression of what one is like. However, some young women are different from the others. This Mackenzie Dern bio will show a special individual who set her goals early in life, worked hard for each accomplishment, and has risen to the top.

Mackenzie Dern

Mackenzie Dern was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a small child. With a stepmother and father who were both black belts, her early interest should not be surprising. But it was much more than a childhood fancy. Starting at only three years of age, Mackenzie proceeded to win world championships, and achieved her own black belt before she was twenty years old.

These accomplishments required talent, hard work, dedication, and assistance from excellent coaches. She has won in her own weight division, and has become one of the world’s top black belt featherweights.

Born in Glendale, Arizona, Mackenzie was an only child. Between 2007 and 2012, she won a dozen world titles. When she was only fourteen years old, she won the gold when competing in a world championship. She moved onto the adult division at age sixteen. After she became a professional, she joined the Team Gracie Humaita.

Mackenzie won six gold medals and one absolute gold medal by the time she was nineteen years of age. By age twenty, she had already held the female record for world championship consecutive wins.

As a six-time black belt world champion, she has recently decided to make the transition from grappling to MMA. If her history is an indication, as it surely is, she will also be a top champion in the mixed martial arts.

These are amazing accomplishments for a young woman who is only twenty-two years of age. Although she had support, encouragement, and assistance with training from her family from the beginning, she could not have accomplished so much without her own unique talent, devotion to the sport, and the desire to work hard to reach her goals.

While she is also an instructor at a BJJ academy, she continues to hold her place at the top. You are not likely to see her disappear from BJJ and MMA anytime soon. She will continue to be recognized as one of the top female BJJ stars of her generation.

Mackenzie Dern can be a role model to young girls. She has shown how much one individual can accomplish.



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