Male MMA Fighter Down To Grapple With Gabi Garcia

Larkin as one of the few male MMA fighters willing to call out a female fighter, which made some fans announce that it’s largely a show of bravery on his part considering Garcia’s achievements.

“Okay so I had enough of the shit talking @gabigarciaoficial if you want to roll with me and get tapped then so be it”

Gabi Garcia is a 14 time BJJ World Champ, and her grappling skills are second to none. Larkin would have a major disadvantage when it comes to grappling skills, and Garcia is actually heavier than him. She weighed in at 209 lbs. at her last fight, which means she’s at least 30-40 lbs. bigger than Larkin.

Larkin’s comment:

Hey guys no shit talking on @gabigarciaoficial she is real cool person and a great athlete this is just a friendly competition

Those who earn black belts from a competition dojo receive training in a different set of skills compared to those who train in a dojo that treats BJJ as a hobby. Some fans feel this makes Garcia’s black belt more legitimate than Larkin’s.


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