Marcelo Garcia Black Belt Triangles Guy In Bare Knuckle MMA Fight

Chris Civello is a Marcelo Garcia black belt. About three years ago, he took part in a bare knuckle MMA fight and a Sambo and boxing specialist, and showed Youtube viewers just how effective Brazilian jiu-jitsu still is.

In the clip below, viewers see Civello’s opponent wrestle him to the ground. From there, Chris works one of his legs over his opponent’s right shoulder, and despite being hammer fisted in the face, he locks in a triangle.

Civello told the Jiu-Jitsu Times that his opponent had a 40-pound weight advantage over him (he was 160 pounds and his opponent was 200) and there was a 12-year age difference between them. He didn’t specify who was older. He also told us that his opponent tried to gouge him in the eyes.

Should MMA go back to bare knuckles?


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