Martial Arts Instructor Suspected Of Raping Student

Robert Morrison is a 42-year-old martial arts instructor suspected of raping a 15-year old student from his dojo. He is a long-time self-defense instructor who owns a studio in Renton and Maple Valley called Lee’s Martial Arts. Aside from the rape, he is also facing four counts of communicating with several minors for immoral purposes. The police are now collecting evidence. They have already searched the dojo and his house.

Court documents obtained by the local media KIRO 7 indicate that Morrison shared his nude photos on Snapchat to four teenage girls – his rape victim and three others who are also martial arts students. Authorities will be digging deeper into the electronic communications between the suspect and his victims. The police think that there may be other victims who will soon come forward if they learn about the case. He will be charged in court on Friday with the bail likely being set in the same hearing.


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