Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige Responds to Ronda Rousey and Captain Marvel Rumors

Ronda Rousey is definitely a triple threat. She can arm bar you, knock you out and act. The UFC Bantamweight Champion has already appeared in The Expendables 3, Furious 7, and Entourage. She is slated to appear in a remake of Road House and Mile 22. She has also publicly lobbied to be casted as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in a planned Marvel Studios movie. Last month, she posted fan made renderings of her appearing as Captain Marvel. This week, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige addressed the casting of Rousey as Captain Marvel during the Blu-ray release party of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

“I love it. That happens occasionally, and I think that’s a testament more to the strength of the characters. Going back to my early days at Marvel, there were always various people campaigning to be Wolverine. I guess that was pre-Twitter and pre-Internet days, but still for some reason would pop up in Wizard Magazine. Wizard Magazine would always have ‘this person wants to play this role!’ It’s a testament to how great the characters are that it appeals to such a wide range of talented, talented people.”


Here is Collider’s take on the casting of Rousey as Captain Marvel.



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