Master 3 Black Belt Puts Opponent To Sleep With A Choke From Inside The Guard

One of the first big “rules” we learn in jiu-jitsu is that you should never waste your time trying to submit an opponent from inside their guard. But as we know, the key to effectively breaking the rules is to understand them well.

JR Markle of Markle Jiu-Jitsu demonstrated this very effectively at the IBJJF Austin International Open over the weekend. Markle, a BJJ black belt, competed in the Master 3 division at the event and ended up inside his opponent’s closed guard. Rather than focusing on passing, he shifted his weight forward and applied a choke from inside the guard. Quickly, his opponent’s efforts shifted from an offensive strategy to a defensive one, trying to get out of the surprising choke. Markle held tight, and though his opponent couldn’t escape, he also chose not to tap. He soon went limp, and Markle let go as the referee called an end to the match.

Seeing a choke like this work on a black belt is extremely rare, but it just goes to show that no technique should ever be underestimated.

You can watch the submission below:


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