Matt Hughes Planning To Fight Again?

The retirement of Matt Hughes in 2013 was thought to be the end of his illustrious MMA career. However, the UFC Hall of Fame inductee seems like he has something else on his mind. The news broke of Matt Hughes considering to fight again after his interview with Joe Buck.

In this upcoming episode, he said that he could give it another go if he found an opponent that he could beat. He then dropped hints as to who this person could be, saying that it’s a guy who was previously in his chair. Most people think he is referring to Royce Gracie who recently appeared as a guest on the show.

In case this pushes through, it will be his first after the loss to Josh Koscheck in 2011. Hughes is 43 while Gracie is 50, but both are remarkably fit for their age. Bellator has a record of negotiating fights between older fighters so it won’t be surprising if they end up staging this rematch.


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