Max Holloway On Conor McGregor: ‘You Can Beg To Fight Me’

Newly crowned UFC Featherweight Champion Max “Blessed” Holloway is not interested in a chasing the last man to beat him, former Featherweight Champion and reigning Lightweight Champion, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. 

“Like I said before, and I’ll say it again: that guy was the 2015 champ,” Holloway told reporters at the UFC 212 post-fight press conference.

He later continued:

I ain’t gonna chase someone around. I ain’t gonna talk about someone who’s not talking about me. He gets to choose his fights. You know, why am I going to cry and beg him for fighting me? You can get the Hell out of here with that shit. You can beg to fight me now, dog.

Holloway described Conor as the type of fighter who was always looking for “the next big thing.” He, on the other hand, was interested in simply defending his title.

And to those who wanted to come and take his title from him, Blessed had a simple warning for them:

Come try and take over my village. Off with your head.

Conor McGregor defeated Holloway back in 2013 at UFC Fight Night: Shogun Vs. Sonnen back in 2013. Since then, Max has been on an 11-fight win streak, winning all but three of those fights by


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