Max Holloway Training In The Gi With Pedro Sauer

Image Source: Max Holloway via Instagram

Even when a superstar MMA fighter is known for having a background in jiu-jitsu, it’s still super cool to see them trading in their fight shorts for a gi… especially when they put it on to train with one of the sport’s greatest legends.

This is why many people in the BJJ community were happy to see UFC star Max Holloway learning from Pedro Sauer. Holloway, who earned his BJJ purple belt in 2017, trains under Ryan Lizares, who is a black belt under Sauer. He shared his experience in an Instagram post and said that he was “honored” to be able to learn from Sauer himself.

Holloway’s last fight ended with him winning via TKO against Brian Ortega at UFC 231. Although he’s sure to return to the cage soon, he currently has no upcoming scheduled fights.


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