McDonald’s Assault On Gracie University Student

Timothy D’Souza of Perth Australia recently registered for Gracie University; a mixed martial arts school.  With any new profile, registrants get access to three free MMA lessons.  Timothy watched each of these lessons about five times.  Shortly after watching them, he went to a McDonald’s restaurant and was approached by another man.  Upon getting out of his car, this man went to take a swing at him.  Immediately, Timothy remember the skills he had watched and learned in his free Gracie University lessons and sprung into action.  He took the assailant to the ground using his newly acquired skills and was able to protect himself in this attempted assault. He later go the opportunity to visit GU in California and tell them about the incident.


  1. Wow. This journalist needs to actually READ and do research rather than just throw terms out there. Also, this person needs to take a creative writing class to give a little bit more detail of the event that took place.

    1.) Gracie University is the online program. Gracie Academy is the physical location to learn Jiu-Jitsu. So this dude learned GJJ on the GU website, AND THEN went to the GJJ Academy to tell the tail.

    2.) One doesn’t learn MMA on the GU website. One learns Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

    I wouldn’t hold my head too high. This story reads like two dudes talking about their bro. “Hey! Did ya hear about Archie? Yeah! He took some UFC and used it in a fight at McDonalds. Yeah! He learned it from Rrrrener Gracie…he done told me”

  2. I agree completely. While there are often some interesting articles on this site, the writing if usually terrible. It wouldn’t kill these guys to find someone to proofread and/or edit their articles before putting them out for public consumption (check that EGO)! As much publicity and criticism as Gracie U receives, how does someone that is supposedly knowledgeable in BJJ think that it’s an online MMA school??


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