Metamoris 6 No Live Audience And Media, Available Only On PPV

The Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox baseball game is not the only event that will not be airing in front of a live audience. Metamoris is the world’s premiere grappling league. Metamoris 6 will not air in front of a live audience also. The only way that fans will be able to view it is through online pay per view.

Sage Gracie Confirmed to

“The promotion will not be open to the mixed martial arts media, either.”

“It is true,” Gracie said.”

Sage Gracie has confirmed that Metamoris will only be shown via pay per view. However, they have not released any information saying why it would only be showing Metmoris 6 via pay per view. Sage Gracie also did not say where the event will be held.

Metamoris PR stated that the reason the fight is not being shown to the public is because the promotion wanted to create more intimate settings for the athlete. This also includes different camera options and viewing options.

Metarmoris PR stated they will not be going away from their conventional format. They have stated they are just trying something new. Metarmoris 6 is reportedly being held in a secret studio and only a handful of people know where it is is.


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