Metamoris Needs to Change If It’s Going to Survive

AJ Agazarm is the latest person to complain about the grappling promotion, Metamoris. There have been a large amount of problems with Metamoris recently. From not paying athletes to double charging their subscribers, it seems that the promotion is on its last legs. Keenan Cornelius, and a few others, have come out to defend Metamoris, but they still need to make some major changes. The biggest change they need to make concerns paying their athletes, and paying them in a timely fashion. Not having money to pay the competitors is ridiculous. How would you feel if it was pay day at your job and your boss said, “Sorry, we haven’t been doing so well lately, so I can’t pay you.” It wouldn’t work out well. Ralek Gracie acted as if Metamoris was the biggest, most professional grappling promotion around, but a promotion of that magnitude should be able to pay its athletes. What they have been doing is extremely unprofessional.

Another thing they need to fix is their online subscription process. Many people have complained about being double charged and not being able to cancel their subscription. This makes the company look extremely bad, and is also very unprofessional. Ralek Gracie did recently state that they were bringing in people to fix this, which is a step in the right direction. The lack of attention that this problem received was also disturbing. There was no apology or anything like that when customers started to complain. This greatly discouraged people from subscribing which probably contributed to their lower pay per view numbers that Ralek spoke of.

The third thing they need to fix is the actual matches themselves. Yes, Metamoris gets some of the biggest names in grappling but their matches mostly end in draws. There have definitely been some great matches, but not enough to justify their rule set. Watching two guys roll for 20 minutes only to have it end in a draw is just extremely disappointing. It is also very hard for new viewers to find excitement in these types of matches. Shortening the time limit of the matches must be done. Cutting it down to 10 minutes would be sufficient, but sometimes even that can be too long. EBI and Polaris are only getting bigger, and Metamoris has to step their game up if they want to compete with them.

No, these are not the only problems that Metamoris has, but they are the three biggest ones. If they want to survive, then Ralek will have to put aside his massive ego and make some changes. It seems like he is already doing that, so hopefully Metamoris’ best days are ahead!


  1. IMO, they need to either get rid of the time limit, or set up some sort of overtime. Having matches end in a draw is pointless. Yeah, it’s awesome that we get to see high level guys go at it against one another, but odds are that if one is in a bad position he’s going to attempt to stall out and hold out for the draw; it’s ridiculous.


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