Dana White Favors NickDiaz Vs Robbie Lawler Rematch

It was a fight for the ages. In UFC 47, back in 2004, an up and coming Nick Diaz scored a tough victory against “Ruthless” Robby Lawler in a fight that saw both fighters exchange brutal blows. A lot can happen in 12 years. Nick Diaz is currently serving a suspension that will be lifted on August 2016 while Lawler is the current UFC Welterweight champion. Dana White likes idea of Diaz vs. Lawler II, and so do the fans. A rematch between the two is something both fighters need. For Diaz, it is a chance to get back into the sport and show that he is a top fighter while for Lawler, it will be a chance to even things with a fighter who managed to beat him before.


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