Mica Galvao, Teen Grappling Sensation, Promoted to Purple Belt

Dream Art Project’s rising star Mica Galvao has leveled up. After another year of turning heads and hoarding medals the 16-year-old, son of coaching legend Melqui Galvao, was promoted to purple belt yesterday. The promotion came just after he won another set of golds, taking both his division and absolute at the IBJJF’s South American championships.

The victories are part of a 100+ fight winning streak. Galvao hasn’t been defeated since he was 13 years old, and has won nearly all of those 100+ fights by submission. It was hoped that the athlete would join fellow teen savage Tye Ruotolo as the youngest competitors at ADCC this year, but the South American ADCC ruleset prevented Galvao from competing.

As Mica will not be eligible for the adult division until 2021, but keeps merking the current crop of challengers, his camp has begun trying to arrange superfights with adults to diversity his competition experience. You might remember this story we did on him tapping a black belt last year at The Orange League.

Kids today…they’re absolutely terrifying.

Congrats to Mica:


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