Grappler Makes Quick Meal of Larger Striker in Street Beef Fight

You gotta love the DIY “Etsy, but for shirtless brawlers” vibe Street Beefs brings to the global fight community.

Set in “The Yard,” an empty lot behind a house in Virginia where local armies and everymen circle up and fistfight, the YouTube-friendly fight club was originally started as part of a years-long “hands up, guns down” campaign to get salty folks to throw punches instead of firing guns at each other.

And they’ve churned out some pretty decent fights.

Given that it’s on this site, we’re pretty sure you can guess how one ends. But whether it’s on a lawn or inside an international fight arena, we obviously love when smaller grapplers tangle up bigger strikers for an underdog victory.

Appreciation points awarded to the grappler for pulling his takedown, since there isn’t a mat to be seen for miles in this clip:


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