Mickey Gall Demolishes CM Punk

Two years and two minutes.

That pretty much sums up the MMA career of CM Punk – at least up to this point. He trained almost two years for this bout – enduring a relentless barrage or criticism for his inexperience – and lost it in a little over two minutes at the hands of his opponent, Mickey Gall.

Gall – who holds a brown belt in BJJ – nailed a double leg soon after the bell. From there he peppered his downed opponent with elbows. Gall then passed to side control and eventually to mount. Punk tried to escape, but Mickey took his back and rained down heavy hooks.

Punk fought off the first RNC attempt, but wasn’t so lucky with the second, tapping at 2:14 in the first round.  It was a disappointing end for a guy who, only minutes before, was smirking and honored with the dim light treatment traditionally reserved for the UFC’s biggest stars.

But the former WWE Champion kept his head up, recognizing that he didn’t “reach the summit” tonight but promising he’d be back.

The question remains, though: what lies ahead for CM Punk?


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