Did You Know Mickey Rourke Is A BJJ Blue Belt?

Photo/Instagram: @mickey_rourke_

According to 10thplanetwestla.com, actor Mickey Rourke been training in jiu-jitsu and MMA at the 10th Planet dojo in Beverly Hills for a while now. He’s made his way up to blue belt status and joked that you might see him doing some of his own stunts now.

Training with Scott “Einstein” Epstein is better than a trip to the gym, and he mentioned that Scott has a remarkable attention to detail. Staying in shape is very important when getting ready for your next big role in a major feature film.

It seems that he also appreciates the fact that training with Scott has taught him a great deal about self-defense, which is quite possibly even more vital when you’re a recognizable celebrity. Epstein has worked with other Hollywood personalities like Michael Jai White, which might say something about how necessary the art of self-defense is out in Tinsel Town.


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