Mikey Musumeci Apologizes To Geo Martinez & Explains What Led To Post-Match Criticism

The latest jiu-jitsu drama came from a rather unexpected source over the weekend.

To recap: following their match at the Road to ADCC (which he won via points), Mikey Musumeci called out Geo Martinez for behavior that he called “ridiculous” and “amateur,” going so far as to suggest that Martinez “shouldn’t be a black belt in jiu-jitsu.”

Musumeci’s statements caused quite a stir within the jiu-jitsu community, especially for those who aren’t used to seeing the publicly mild-mannered athlete expressing such negativity toward another athlete. Fans were divided, with some agreeing with Musumeci’s statements and others taking Martinez’s side, saying that Musumeci had overreacted to the 10th Planet athlete’s comments.

Now, a few days after the event, Musumeci has reflected on the match and his feelings about it. In an interview with FloGrappling, he shared an apology for Martinez, an explanation for what prompted his emotional post-match statements, and an acknowledgment that neither he nor Martinez displayed their best behavior.

You can watch the interview below:



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