Mikey Musumeci On Only Eating Pizza And Pasta: “I Had My Best Performance Ever And It Was On That Diet”

Mikey Musumeci recently made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and took the time to explain how his diet has come to almost exclusively consist of Pasta and Pizza.

Mikey explains that after years of weight cutting at an early age, he had nearly developed an eating disorder. His brain was no longer getting the signal that his stomach was full, and he would go through periods of binging and starving. 

“So how this started was I’d been cutting weight and dieting my whole life and you almost develop an eating disorder… I would binge eat, I would starve, it was very unhealthy, the way I would live… all that time just messes up your brain where you never feel like you’re satisfied, and you’re never full. That part of your brain that says, ‘oh you’re full stop eating,’ I stopped having from cutting weight so much.”

Mikey found Intermittent Fasting as a way to maintain a balanced feeling. He doesn’t like to train after eating, so he began waiting until nighttime to eat a single meal each day. Growing up Italian, he naturally gravitated towards Pizzas and Pastas and then found that he was making weight with these foods much easier than he had with other diets. He tops off his dinner with a pint of Acai for dessert.

“What I started doing was intermittent fasting. I would just not eat during the day because honestly, I don’t like eating before training. I feel bloated when I eat so I would just eat at night. But I started just eating the foods I love. I’m Italian so I grew up just eating pizza and pasta… for dessert, I’ll eat a pint of Acai and my weight would be lighter doing this diet than eating like no carbs and all these things.”

Rogan seems to reserve a bit of skepticism. Being a frequent promoter of Carnivore and high-meat diets, Rogan presses about Mikey’s protein intake and fasting before the competition. Mikey says that he gets his protein from cheese, and feels “cleaner” when he doesn’t eat meat products. Both Rogan and Mikey agree that a performance coach would find this diet ridiculous, but Mikey explains he feels his best from this diet, regardless of how crazy it sounds.

“How I see it is I have to earn the food at night, training all day is like me working for the food at night. Like how people used to hunt and gather for food… That’s my mentality… I had my best performance ever and it was on that diet. I made 125 lb easy.”

The clip of Mikey talking about his diet can be found here:

The JRE MMA Show #127 featuring Mikey Musumeci can be streamed exclusively on Spotify.


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