MMA Fans, Meet Huggy Bear!

MMA fighters usually like to name themselves after dangerous animals. For example, Anderson Silva was “The Spider” and Lyoto Machida was “The Dragon.”

Chris Barnett (no relation to Josh as far as we know) has taken a different route, choosing the less-than-terrifying “Huggy Bear” as his MMA nickname.

He even happily dances to the cage in a bear suit.

Chris "Huggy Bear" Barnett In this video you can see Huggy Bear transform from Happy to Fight Mode!

Posted by Chris "Beast Boy" Barnett on Monday, July 3, 2017

Don’t let the name fool you, though; this guy can and will knock you out! Barnett is over three hundred pounds and holds a 15-4 record. Twelve of those wins have come by way of knockout and he has only been finished once.

Huggy Bear hails from Tampa, Florida, but he primarily fights in the Asian mixed martial arts circuit. His next match will be at South Korea’s Road FC, where he will take on Hyun Man Myung.

You can check out Chris “Huggy Bear” Barnett’s Facebook page here.


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