MMA Fighter Complains That She Is Being Held Back By Her Large Breasts!

Photo/facebook: Brye Russilllo

The mixed martial arts (MMA) world is abuzz with headlines reading: MMA fighter complains that her big 12lb breasts are holding her back by forcing her to compete in a heavier division. Of course, as a combat sport, MMA fights are organized into weight divisions to ensure that physical matchups are fair. For 29-year old fighter Brye Russilllo, who currently competes in the 155lb division, this is not quite the case. The amateur fighter is unable to fight in a lower weight division, she says, on account of her large breasts. According to Russillo, who wears an F-cup bra, her breasts alone weigh more than 10lbs (12lbs to be exact). As such, she is unable to compete in the lower 145lbs. With smaller breasts that weighed less, Russilllo is convinced that she would be able to compete in the 145lbs division and square off with fighters in that division such as Paige Lian.

Russillo interview with New York Post.

‘It’s not like I can take a nail file and hack off my t**s,’ she told the newspaper.

‘It’s not like I have a pink sparkly shelf to put them on.

‘I’m trying to lose weight, but my boobs are what they are.’

Brye Russilllo


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