The MMA Fighter On A Mission To Expose “Fake Martial Artists” in China

MMA Fighter Xu Xiao Dong is on a quest to expose “fake martial arts” in China.

China is notorious for fake…well…everything: fake Apple products, fake Disney amusement parks, and even entire cities that are knockoffs of other cities.

Xu, however, is determined to make sure there is at least one fewer fake thing in China.

The mixed martial artist has already made his point about fake martial arts. Recently, he took part in a match against a Tai Chi fighter, demolishing him easily. Unfortunately, rather than seeing this as evidence of MMA’s effectiveness, Chinese onlookers were offended by what they saw — a barbaric Western martial art humiliating one of their cherished traditional fighting styles.

Xu has not been deterred, though. He is still determined to expose China’s fake martial arts.

Check out his interview with Vice below:



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