MMA Fighter Nearly Gets Choked With A Triangle, Then Ends Fight With A Brutal Slam

MMA fighter Nursultan Ruziboev was in a tight spot — literally — in the first round of his fight against Ibrahim Mane at Brave FC 47, but he, uh, found a way out.

In the fighters’ 175-lb catchweight match, Mane had Ruziboev in mount, but was soon swept. Mane then found the perfect opportunity to throw up a triangle choke, managing to lock it up pretty tight on Ruziboev. But although Mane tried to prevent a slam by underhooking his opponent’s leg, Ruziboev was merciless, lifting Mane up high and then coming back down to the ground with a hard slam that rendered Mane unconscious and ended the fight.

The win marked Rusiboev’s third consecutive victory, improving his record to 30-8, with two draws and one NC; he has finished all three of his most recent fights.

You can watch the crazy moment below:


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