MMA Fighter Tackles Bank Robbery Suspect To The Ground In Florida

Recently, Michael Jon Neubecker chose to rob the wrong bank. He walked into the Grow Financial Federal Credit Union, located in Pinellas County, Florida. A teller handed over money after he passed on a note demanding cash. From there, Neubecker walked out of the bank toward an unknown destination. Most robberies of this nature would have resulted in a hunt for the suspect.

That’s not what happened here.

Eric Haritakis happened to be at the same bank and witnesses Neubecker’s actions. After Neubecker fled out the front door, Haritakis followed him and tackled the suspect to the floor. It sounds like a bold move, but Haritakis is actually a trained MMA fighter. He subdued Neubecker and acquired duct tape from a nearby business before bounding the robber’s hands.

A few minutes passed before the bank patrons and workers saw Haritakis march Neubecker back to the bank’s front door. Within minutes, law enforcement arrived to arrest Neubecker on suspicion of robbing the bank. Haritakis has been hailed as a hero, though he states he acted without thinking. Neubecker didn’t have weapons on his person at the time. Either way, a suspected bank robber is now in jail awaiting trial because of Haritaki’s actions.

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