MMA Girl Beating Up Boy Who Likes To Harass Girls At School

Bullying is a prevalent problem and one would be hard-pressed to go through an entire year at school without a yard fight breaking out. This video shows one such fight and see an MMA trained girl who beat up boy. The swift and decisive moves of the girl will be familiar to anyone who has ever trained in any martial art.

Training in martial arts emphasizes fighting as a last result. Confidence and discipline are instilled in every student so that they can have the presence of mind to walk away from dangerous situations while still being able to handle themselves when push comes to shove.

Girl Beats Up Boy in School Fight“GET THAT GIRL, WHO IS THAT GIRL” Bullying is real, but Jiu Jitsu prevails. I don’t know who you are, but I hope your professor gives you a stripe on your belt for this.

Posted by AJ Agazarm on Wednesday, February 17, 2016


  1. I don’t support this… But if that boy was really harassing her she is more than welcome to defend herself, no one is allowed to disturb the peace of anyone.


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