MMA VS Jiu-Jitsu


This should turn some heads.  I have an opinion that I would like to get off my chest here.  What is up with this MMA attitude that says Jiu Jitsu alone is not respectable?  Then they want to “claim” they studied Jiu Jitsu or post online when they are “headed to BJJ” but never put in the work!  I’m gonna fill you guys in on a little secret, this should piss some people off, you are wasting our time!! Most of the MMA hotheads want instant results and if they don’t get it, they are the first ones to quit.  Are all of them like this?  Nope, not the ones that are winning!  These are the fighters that we respect!  You can’t expect to take a class for a few months and then assume you should be a black belt (oh wait sorry you guys don’t believe in belts).  Usually the ones saying “oh well a belt don’t matter” or “most of that stuff doesn’t work in real life” are the ones who are losing.  You know what, let’s look at some history here.  How did mixed martial arts really get big??  It’s ok I’ll wait………. Oh that’s right the Gracie’s!  Not some boxer, wrestler, or any kung fu artist!  It was Jiu Jitsu!  It was developed as it’s own entity.  They didn’t need anything else, it was you guys that needed them!

I know every “full time” jiujiteiro is 100% with me on this.  Instant is not proficient, it never will be.  If you think it’s taking too long then go play with your coloring books and leave this to us real martial artists!  We have the ability to learn from each other without ego and anger getting in the way.  Just because you were beat doesn’t mean you have lost.  You take something from every fight/roll you are in.  It’s up to the person to decide what that something is.  In the MMA world, they should take that they lost because there was a hole in their training or the other fighter worked harder than they did.  That’s not what happens though, they get mad, call each other names, or throw a tantrum like a 2 year old that didn’t get their way!

I know this is going to make some people mad but you will notice the ones that get angry and cuss like a child are the exact ones this is pertaining to.  Show some respect to those that started this path you chose!  You want “mixed martial arts”, earn it like the good fighters do!  When everything else you are doing fails, we will be here.  When you realize we aren’t “in it for the money” and that what we are doing works, we will still train you!  Why? Because WE are REAL martial artists!

So as the cry babies get their feelings hurt and complain about this article I will be serving my time on the mat!  Dedicating myself to this art we love instead of just claiming I am.  This is for every BJJ academy out there that has dealt with this as we have in ours.  Keep rolling my friends!  When they are sitting on the couch in 20 years wondering why their career failed, we will still be perfectly fine with our “useless” black belts!!! Oss!!!


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