Most Disgusting Wrestling Move Oil Check

On The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan recently broke down the wrestling check oil maneuver. It’s something that most people do in wrestling on a regular basis. The average wrestler won’t talk about the oil check, though. In essence, one wrestler shoves his fingers into an opponent’s anus during a match.

For the victim, it’s painful and uncomfortable to say the least. The move is so effective because victims tend to not enjoy the move. Most spectators never see the maneuver happening, but wrestlers know all too well about the oil check. Rogan explained the maneuver and related topics on the podcast in great detail.

Nobody wants their oil checked, but wrestlers use the maneuver whenever necessary.


Is oil Check Legal Move In Wrestling?

Or is it The Best Wrestling Move Ever

Joe Rogan’s take on Oil Check

What do you guys think about this move?


  1. people are so ignorant. the oil check is not a technique! it is along the same lines as biting and scratching. if you are caught doing it then you are immediately disqualified and ejected from the competition and your coach can be ejected as well. you can also be suspended by whatever the governing body is.


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