Mrs. Burroughs: Jordan Burroughs Training With Conor McGregor Not True

Recently, Elite Daily website quoted Frankie Edgar, the former Clarion wrestler and lightweight UFC champion, as saying that Jordan Burroughs had been hired to improve lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s wrestling. Burroughs has been linked to the UFC in the past, however normally this is just people saying that they would like to see how his exceptional skills translate in the octagon. Notwithstanding, all the latest rumors were quashed when Lauren Burroughs, wife of Jordan, tweeted about how erroneous these reports were. Burroughs was extremely critical of the journalists who had run the story, pointing out that they should have checked their facts or interviewed her husband before publishing their claims. After Mrs Burroughs outburst, many felt that they would be more worried about getting on the wrong side of her than her husband. With a wife like that to please, perhaps Jordan Burroughs has his hands too full to help Conor McGregor at the moment….



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