Nasty Head Kick Puts Mixed Martial Artist To Sleep In Romanian MMA Event

Source: IMMAF, Twitter

A nasty head kick put a mixed martial artist to sleep in a Romanian MMA event.

Finland’s Jenni Kivioja took on Sweden’s Jessica Forslund Reis at the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s Senior European Championships in Bucharest, Romania. Less than 30 seconds before the first round ended, Kivioja caught Forslund with what MMA Mania rightly described as “one of the meanest kicks to the face since Holly Holm dethroned Ronda Rousey in 2016.”

The head kick from Hell happened after a brief exchange. Kivioja circled around her opponent and caught her with a head kick. Forslund fell over like a domino and was down for the count.

You can watch a clip of the video here:


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