Nate Diaz: ‘Others Became Black Belt In Media But I Became Black Belt In Martial Arts’

The famous magazine esquire interviewed Diaz, and a highlight is his intense focus on training. He mentions his focus on MMA training was more important than media rounds. He declined interview opportunities for gym training. It worked out for him. While other fighters wanted their name out in the press, he got his name out by becoming a top MMA fighter. Therefore, the hard work paid dividends.

Diaz: “I put in a lot of time dodging all these interviews for training because I was like, ‘There’s no time to do this shit. I’m a fighter, I don’t need the media.’ Well, nowadays I understand that’s a big part… I think that’s why I’m where I’m at, because when everybody else was fucking around doing interviews and doing photo shoots, I was in the gym, and I got ahead of the game. I feel like they all became black belts in media, and I became a black belt in martial arts.”

To expand, Nate Diaz will need the media’s support, and he’s ready for his black belt. It requires patience to make media rounds with a professional demeanor, but Diaz is up for the challenge. His test with Esquire proves he can back up his fight skills with effective communication. However, don’t expect him to leave training for media rounds anytime soon.


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