5 Helpful Tools For Jiu-Jitsuka

So Jiu-Jitsu is pretty dang simple when it comes to training equipment right? I mean basically all we need is a gi and belt? Wrong! There are many beneficial pieces of equipment that might be worth investing in . While most are not necessary, each piece of equipment gives you a slight edge and can help you become better in very specific ways. While some on the list may seem obvious or even over promoted, they all can be great tools in developing skills for BJJ. So I will be creating a list, sorry if I miss your favorite piece, feel free to drop it in the comments below! Enjoy !

Stability Ball-

Use- Increases balance through specific drills and maneuvers. Jeff Glover is a famous advocate for the use of stability balls and has been featured multiple times in magazines showing his favorite drills with them.

Grip Trainer-

Use- Many different companies make these , but essentially there are two handles you squeeze together and it provides significant resistance.  These can be used to strengthen you gi grips as is is quite a workout and you can carry them everywhere

Foam Roller-

Use- This one is more for therapeutic purposes rather than training, but it is still a great tool that can help keep you on the mat injury free. The foam roller can be used to stretch/massage muscles in the back, legs, shoulder and neck.

Jits Grips/Oranga Hang-

Use- Both of these are basically the same, but with minor differences. They are essentially BJJ sleeves attached to bungies/ carabiners . They can be used to strengthen your grips in a BJJ specific way by themselves using the bungie, but they can also be attached to gym equipment allowing your workouts to be geared more for BJJ grips.

Gi&Belt- Yes I know, your probably thinking what the heck? I thought you were talking about other gear. While we do wear our uniform, we can also use it for excersizes such as gi pull ups and various other stretches using the belt. So, I figured I would throw this one in as an extra.



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