Gracie States His Case In The Wake Of Agazarm Controversy

Recently, Ralek Gracie took to social media to respond to criticisms levied at him by Aj Agazarm. Agazarm had called into question Gracie’s business practices with Metamoris, such as paying athletes late, not refunding fans after card changes, and double charging some fans who purchased tickets to a recent event. Gracie clarified the situation surrounding these issues, much to the approval of his followers. Gracie suggested that Agazarm had a vendetta against him, because he had rejected a deal with Flo Grappling when Agazarm was a broker for them, and because he had forbidden Agazarm from participating in a professional event.


For those of you who see the bigger picture and know we are on a crusade to elevate the Jiu Jitsu industry and the value of the athletes/their performances and see I’m willing to risk my entire reputation and sanity for that goal and who wouldn’t think to pirate a Metamoris event because you realize it’s counter intuitive to that goal, I apologize for wasting your feed space with this boring update. For those who seem to believe this character @thefloridaboy is a legitimate Jiu Jitsu crusader even though his resume suggests he mainly knows how to use a GoPro and take cool trips; please take a minute to inform yourself and think a little deeper about his intentions and his mission in twisting them so his ego can remain healthy. For the record I’m not going to challenge him because I’m already set to fight the guy who choked him in just over a minute and he’s more of a social media personality than an exciting challenge for my personal goal of testing myself. I just saw a post he made 5 days ago and realized 40 people agreed with him with very little context. AJ, ultimately I forgive you because I can only imagine the feelings of being a poser. My blood is too thick with Jiu Jitsu to have such emotions but I have other insecurities in other realms so I guess we are even overall. As far as Jiu Jitsu though, you are not on the level and won’t ever be, but who knows how we got to be who we are and who can take credit for what.

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