3 Reasons Not To Compete

Anyone who knows me or has read a few of my blogs knows that I am a huge advocate of competing in BJJ tournaments. To me they are the ultimate test of your skill in BJJ and are vital to your own growth. Plus they are extremely fun and give you a great rush. Combine this along with the comradery and life lessons you can learn and it’s no wonder they have become so popular. However, it is worth noting there are a few situations when competing is not ideal. Yes, there are times when competitions should be avoided and can actually hurt your progress. Here are the top 3 situations when you shouldn’t compete.

  1. You’re Injured – I am not just talking about the small day to day stuff here; I am talking about more serious injuries like sprained ankles and tweaked muscles that can interfere with basic movements. This shouldn’t be necessary to state, but I have heard and seen people compete in this condition. This can lead to worsening your injury and can also cause very poor performance. All things considered it is best to avoid competition when injured.
  2. Your Instructor Said No- While we are all free to do as we please; sometimes our instructor may intervene for one reason or another. Maybe he doesn’t think you are ready or maybe he hasn’t seen as much dedication from you as he feels is required. Some people will argue that if your instructor forbids you from competing then something is wrong. This is true if he always does this, but in rare instances, it is best to respect and listen to your master.
  3. You Are Not Prepared- If you have any doubt in your mind that is reasonable and not just fear manifesting itself, then it may be wise to not compete.  For example if you know you haven’t been training much and don’t feel ready, or if you have neglected your diet and feel slow and sluggish. While often this is just fear in our minds, sometimes the fear is rational , and if it is, maybe you should think twice about signing up.


What do you think about competition and when people should or should not compete? Like I said I believe everyone should compete, but I do believe in these exceptions.


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