New Sports Channel For Jiu-Jitsu

Good Day LA

As featured at adweek, Sports marketing is now hotter than ever for the simple fact that it is one of the few television programs with consumers that consistently engaging in the ads. All types of big names such as Gatorade and American Family Insurance have been throwing their names in the hat when it comes to providing their viewers with quality advertisements when it comes to sports. One of the most notable digital media companies is planning on opening a new channel for jiu jitsu called FloGrappling . FloSports channel will help viewers cover the ins and the outs of grappling. Their content will include all types of videos, live streaming opportunities and numerous different text based articles. Viewers are excited to see some of the programs that will be featured, but all believe that the signs of progress are obvious. Slowly but surely, jiu jitsu is beginning to receive worldwide recognition as a real sport.


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