Next Level Stupid: Store Clerk Chokes Out Violent Customer

I wish I could tell you that thanks to all the videos of violent idiots being subdued by a hero who can grapple, people have become more wary of starting pointless fights. I WISH I could tell you that.

A store clerk in Russia was forced to defend himself from an aggressive customer in a video posted to reddit on July 29. The attacker, the much larger of the two men, began the exchange by closing the distance to get nose to nose with the clerk. The clerk responded with a shove, before exchanging some brief blows with the customer that lead to a double leg takedown. From there the clerk dominated from inside the customer’s guard before passing to the back and ending the fight with a rear naked choke.

It’s always good to be reminded that no mater where you are in the world, grappling trumps violent jerks.


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