Next Level Stupid: Two Men Caught Breaking Into Cars Outside Of BJJ School

If you were told someone tried to rob a gun store, you’d likely call them stupid. But when a few people try vandalizing cars outside of a BJJ school, you call them suicidal.

This past Monday a group of men were caught vandalizing vehicles outside of Mpire Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Mansfield. Mpire head coach and BJJ Black Belt Shane Mills stated in a Facebook post that the two men, names redacted, were caught outside of Mpire throwing bricks at car windows in the evening.

“It must have looked like a scene from an old Kung Fu movie when 15 of my guys came running out into the car park fully kitted up.” Mills said in the post.

Credit to: Shane Mill’s Facebook Page

The men where gone by the time the BJJ goon patrol got outside, but were caught further up the street trying to, you guessed it, break into yet another person’s car. A few of the students, one of whom was an on-duty police officer, subdued the vandals while the homeowner photographed the scene and called the police.

Credit to: Jamie Leigh’s Facebook Page

There are plenty of lessons to take away from this ordeal, but the most obvious as well as the most important one was stated by Mills himself.

“Don’t vandalize cars outside a BJJ school.”


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