Nick Diaz Gets In Nightclub Brawl, His Attackers ‘get the worst of it’

UFC middleweight Nick Diaz got into an altercation on August 24 at the Hyde Night Club in Las Vegas.

According to TMZ, the former Strikeforce champ and elder half of the Diaz duo accidentally stumbled into another club patron after using the bathroom.  The club goer began insulting Diaz, who – in a very un-Diaz-like manner – apologized, saying he didn’t want any trouble.

But trouble was exactly what the club goer was looking for.  After being joined by three other men, Diaz found himself at the receiving end of brawl that spilled out into the club.  Casino and club staff were eventually able to get things under control, and removed the pugnacious patrons from the club.

Diaz told TMZ that he did not start the fight, and his attackers didn’t know who he was.

He also said he would not be pressing charges because “they got the worst of it.”



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