Nick Diaz Released From Prison, Shows Video Off His Injuries

Nick Diaz — the former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion and former UFC Welterweight title contender — is out of prison.

According to MMA Junkiean online search of inmates revealed that Diaz was no longer in police custody.

The former Strikeforce Champion was reportedly hostile with police when they arrived and showed off his injuries in a video on Instagram. Diaz is silent in the video, and has Alice in Chains’ “Rotten Apple” playing in the backround at one point and Metallica’s “Fade to Black” at another.

News of Nick Diaz’s arrest was released on Friday. Diaz was reportedly arrested for battery by strangulation against a woman. His bail was set at $18,000.

The UFC released a statement shortly after saying:

The organization does not tolerate domestic violence and requires all athletes to adhere to the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. Every athlete is deserving of due process, and this situation, as with any official allegations, will be duly reviewed and thoroughly investigated by an independent party.

You can watch the video of Nick Diaz showing off his injuries below:


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