Nicky Ryan Submits Marvin Castelle In Under Four Minutes Via Heel Hook

Nicky Ryan has done John Danaher’s team proud and once again proven why they deserve to be called the Danaher Death Squad.

Nicky sat to guard early, refusing to let his opponent, Marvin Castelle, pass. Marvin then played some guard himself, and desperately tried to heel hook the youngest member of a team that is notorious for its heel hooking. As can be expected, he failed.

Global Grappling League To Put On An Event Featuring Nicky Ryan Vs. Marvin Castelle

Nicky, on the other hand, didn’t, and sunk in a heel hook at only 3:40 in match.

Nicky Ryan takes the win! Fifteen year old prodigy Nicky Ryan @nickyryanbjj took on 10th planet standout Marvin Castelle, a twenty five year old brown belt full time instructor at the main 10th planet school and won by submission in a no time limit match, using a heel hook variation for the win in around three and a half minutes. The match took place at Global Grappling League in upstate New York today. Mr Castelle had garnered something of a reputation as a leg lock expert, but Mr Ryan was not afraid to go in for his own leg lock to take the win – when you grow up in a training room with Eddie Cummings, Garry Tonon and brother Gordon Ryan, the threat from other leg lockers often feels anemic in comparison. Here he is proactively jumping into the legs to take a fine win and another great step forward toward his goals. What great maturity from such a young man to train, prepare and then headline as the main event on a stacked local grappling event card and take such a fine win!

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