Ninjitsu Ground Fighting

We’re not exactly sure what we’re looking at. Ninjitsu ground fighting, maybe?

The moves are certainly interesting. There are rolling elbows to the back, heart punches, and a bunch of guys dressed in what looks like something out of Street Fighter.

But how well would these moves actually work in a real life confrontation?

Award "gold bullshit"

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Posted by Dumbass Martial Arts on Tuesday, March 14, 2017


  1. dear khris, is your martial art the same grappling as the gracy brothers? that is the one my ninjitsu people recommended years ago and wing chung is supposed to be for close up fighting for tiny women against a larger attacker. bruce lee was working on showing how to alternate styles for different body sizes, but everything has its limitations. then the psychological affect if you ever have to win without hurting anyone, and worrying if they are then against you to show you up later when you’re not looking is bad. so i am thinking of moving toward ti chi as i age. happy new year. jlb


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