How Often Should You Train? Ask Your Body

One of the most common questions students — even higher ranking students— have is about how often they should train.

In this video, BJJ black belt Steven Grossi offers some simple advice: trust your body.

“This is going to get you hurt,” Grossi said pointing to his head. “Trust your body. Your body’s going to teach you everything you need to know about how much you should be training. Your mind’s going to have a little bit of ego. You’re a human; it’s normal instincts. You’re going to think you can push hard, go hard, BRAHHH, blast threw stuff, but you’re going to be sore.”

Grossi suggests that you progressively go harder on yourself. If you feel good after training two days a week, train three. If you feel good after three, go four.

What do you think of Steven Grossi’s advice?


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