Oleksiy Oliynyk Taps Travis Browne In Second Round

Travis Browne may want to start looking for a new job. The former UFC heavyweight title contender has suffered his fourth loss in a row, and three of those losses have come by way of finish.

Browne took on Oleksiy Oliynyk in the last match of the prelims. It looked like Travis had the match won in the first round, as he landed a huge hook that floored Oliynyk.

Oleksiy, however, worked his way back up, and though his head was obviously full of cobwebs, he not only got himself back into the fight, but later turned the tables on his opponent.

While Browne was up against the fence, Oliynyk hit him with some huge shots that brought Travis to his knees. Browne got right back up, but Oleksiy then landed a huge takedown and flattened Travis out. The Russian went for a rear naked choke, but the round ended.

Round 2 told a similar tale. Browne was able to pass Oleksiy’s guard, but for some reason he seemed to choose not to land a single punch. Browne got back up, but the Russian brought him right back down and got on his back. This time, the bell wasn’t there to save Travis from the RNC.

Winner by second round rear naked choke: Oleksiy Oliynyk!


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