Olympic Judo Medalist Messing With The Wrong Hotel Receptionist

Being an Olympian is something that does not come by easily, so anyone who is an Olympic champion is someone who should be feared, especially if that person is an Olympic judo bronze medalist. However, Dirk Van Tichelt, a Belgian judo champ recently found out that you can’t mess with anyone. The judo champ recently got arrested after being beat up by a hotel receptionist who just happened to be a jujitsu expert.

After winning the bronze medal, the judo champ went out celebrating with his training partner. According to Dirk, a thief stole his training partner’s mobile phone, something that incensed Dirk, so he decided to give chase. Dirk claims to have chased the thief, who apparently was a woman, into a Copacabana hotel, the Best Western Hotel. Van Tichelt forced his way into the hotel and got into a brawl with the receptionist. He accused the receptionist of hiding the thief. During the brawl, Van Tichelt ended up with a black eye.

According to Daily Mail reports, the hotel staff heard some commotion and noises outside then a woman tried to enter the hotel, but the door was locked, which forced the woman to ran away. The judo champion apparently did not see the woman go away and mistakenly thought she entered the hotel. What the incident proves is that you just can’t mess with someone just because you have a martial art skill. That person might be a jujitsu expert.


  1. You will probably want to change jujitsu to Jiu Jitsu… two completely different things. Traditional jujitsu isn’t going to stop anyone.

    • Just because that’s how you differentiate them in your mind doesn’t make that a universal standard. Both are just different transliteration styles of the same underlying Japanese.

      And who knows; maybe he did means traditional jujutsu (yet another transliteration scheme).

  2. Van Tichelt was victim of a hit and run at the Copacabana beach: One guy grabbed his cellphone and started running, and when he started chasing after the guy, another guy sucker punched him. A formal complaint was made to the police.

    No BJJ or receptionist even remotely involved in this story. This story was reported by several major news outlets several days ago, so a simple Google search will allow you to verify the basic facts.

    I understand most of the “stories” on this website are opinion pieces, but when you report something that supposedly happened, you might want to check your sources, assuming this isn’t just some made up crap to stir the old judo vs BJJ rivalry.

    • Yeah, definitely want a source, and definitely do not understand the weird attitude. Judo and BJJ are sibling arts. BJJ comes directly from Judo. Just because BJJ guys undervalue takedowns doesn’t make it illegitimate–on the contrary, to look down on judo for not emphasizing groundwork is to hypocritically ignore how embarrassing the stand-up game of BJJ is.

  3. When you know any kind of martial art and you use them in a street fight competition rules don’t count so an Olympic medal don’t count on the street

  4. Well, there’s two completely different reports on this incident in the news. One report, that seems more credible, has him being mugged on the beach. This one has him chasing someone, and then getting beaten up. Just goes to demonstrate that anybody that believes news reports along with the crap that networks put out these days needs to have their heads examined.


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