We Should Support Those in Our Jiu Jitsu Community

Maybe I’m getting old, but jiu-jitsu used to be different. I’m not talking about the technique or the culture; I’m talking about what we focus on as a community.

I have been training for a decade now and I can honestly say it has made me a better person. Jiu-jitsu is my meditation, my self defense, my mental break from the world, my exercise, and so much more.

I think we all agree on the many benefits of Jiu-jitsu, but look at any magazine cover and what do you see?

A professional athlete.

That’s right, the one percent of all of those who train. But lately there is one project that has caught my attention. A project for the rest of us: People Who Train.

People Who Train (PWT) focuses on recognizing the everyday Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and challenging stereotypes of martial artists. PWT is for the moms, teachers, firefighters, real estate agents, and accountants in our community. By juxtaposing elements from practitioners lives outside of jiu-jitsu, the series raises awareness of the many benefits the art has for those who train. In today’s climate of hyper focus on professional athletes, we need something like this.

People Who Train is a fine art photography project by Los Angeles artist and black belt Mik Milman. It is currently $2,237 toward its goal of $5,000 . Your donation will help pay for the costs of traveling to jiu-jiitsu gyms across the country and worldwide to tell our stories.

With just one week to go to reach his goal, I urge you guys to contribute to this campaign and keep the project alive. If he does not reach his goal, Milman says he will have no choice but to retire the project.

Kickstarter link:

Mik Milman Photography
(818) 275-1645


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