Oregon MMA Fighters Stop Armed Robbery At Hotel In Los Angeles

A pair of mixed martial arts fighters recently made the news after traveling to California to participate in the No Gi Mundials. Headlines declared “MMA Fighters Stop Armed Robbery at Hotel.” It all began as they exited an elevator.

Billy Denney and Brent Alvarez saw a man holding a gun and telling the clerk to hand over money from a cash register. The hotel employee called for help and both athletes responded quickly.

Alvarez detained the criminal using a choke-hold and body lock. The man did not try to hurt either fighter, so they avoided unnecessary violence. Local police seized the robber’s weapon and retrieved the money while arresting him. They praised the fighters’ efforts.

Billy Denney is a mixed martial arts student in his late 20s, while Brent Alvarez runs an MMA studio in Oregon. They are both Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitors. Alvarez also worked as a bouncer for a number of years.


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